nsnake is a clone of the classic snake game that we all used to play on our cellphones. You play this game on the terminal, with textual interface.

Here's some features:



Installation (GNU/Linux only)

The following commands should compile and install the game on the default directories:

$ make
$ sudo make install

By default, make install places the package on the following directories:

/usr/games/                       Executable file
~/.local/share/nsnake/            Settings and Score files

For more advanced instructions (including how to install the game on a custom directory) see the INSTALL file on the source root directory.

How to Play

The rules are the same of any snake game:

You control a hungry snake and the objective is to eat as many fruits you can. Each fruit eaten increases it's size by two units. The game ends when the snake collides with the walls or itself. Currently, nSnake has two modes: With borders and without borders. The challenge is to earn the biggest score possible by eating as many fruits as you can.


The keybindings are completely customizable on the in-game menus. The default ones are:

Arrow Keys          Moves the snake
q                   Quits the game at any time
p                   Pauses/Unpauses the game
h                   Show help during game

Command-line Options

-h, --help
   Displays the quick help text.
-v, --version
   Displays the version.

Online repositories:

nSnake on the Web